CONDUCTIVE Brand Grounding Flat Bed Sheet with Ground Connection Cord

CONDUCTIVE Brand Grounding Flat Bed Sheet with Ground Connection Cord

Why We need to connect with our earth?

Human beings are part of the environment. Offices, floors, cars, houses, shoes make the body and the earth lose contact. It’s hard to recover, for a long time, listless. Imagine If you’re barefoot on the ground, or lying on the beach, relaxing like never before.

In the same way, radiation from household appliances also makes us miserable. Computers, TV sets, wires, sockets, mobile phones, we have nowhere to escape. Long term exposure to this environment makes our skin dry, moody, and sleep quality low or even more.

Just Need Grounding sheets (Let the body connect with the earth to get better health, Release the electric field radiation through the earth, no longer worry about the electric field radiation.)

Health Benefits of Grounding

  • Improve Blood Circulation
  • Accelerate Recovery and Healing
  • Lessens hormonal, menstrual symptoms
  • Protecting the body from the effects of EMF
  • Improve Sleep, increase Energy and lowers stress
  • Improving menstrual and female hormone symptoms
  • Shortening recovery time from injury or athletic activity
  • Normalize Biological Rhythms including circadian rhythm

Set Included:

  • 1 CONDUCTIVE Brand Grounding sheet
  • 1 4.5 meters Connection Cord
  • 1 User Guide

Certified Organic Grounding Flat Bed Sheets

Different from many Grounding sheets suppliers, our material is certified by organic cotton, which can reach baby level and is softer. Non-toxic, unbleached, good air permeability. The materials are healthy and more suitable for long-term use. We advocate environmental protection and make completely healthy Grounded Flat Sheet/Earthed bed sheet.

Nice Work of Grounding Material

Horizontal and vertical use of high-quality pure Conductive silver fiber thread, to ensure the conductivity of the entire sheet. Lays under your body, crosswise or lengthwise to cover the part of your bed where your skin usually contacts the sheet, throw or blanket. Includes a 4.5 Meters ground Cord designed to plug into the ground port of your wall outlet or grounded rod, connecting Ground, no matter where you contact can play a grounding effect.

Safety Connection Cable

The Earth Ground Connection Cord is designed only to connect to the ground port of the Grounding socket. The Cord also has a built-in about 100k Ohm resistor so that in the very unlikely event of an Earth fault or Wiring error socket, the protection resistance would limit the current to a safe level and prevent an electric shock.

Grounding Sheet Wellness Benefits

We are a bio-electrical being, and we can get health by the most natural methods, that is to connect with the Earth. Connecting with earth is necessary. Just as the sun gives us warmth and Vitamin D, earth gives us food and water, place and an eternal, natural energy.

With EMF Radiation Say NO

Enjoy a healthier, deeper sleeping and wake up with a refreshed feeling on our grounding mat blanket, Pad (sheet), as it reduces harmful EMF body voltage and delivers a beneficial flow of anti-inflammatory electrons to your entire body. This updated Grounding mat increased a function of radiation EMF Protection in order to make us much healthier, benefits, sleep quality.