FAGOR Wall-Mounted Decorative Cooker Hood 60 cm

FAGOR Wall-Mounted Decorative Cooker Hood 60 cm


Make your cooking experience comfortable and odor-free with the FAGOR Wall-Mounted Decorative Cooker Hood. This stainless steel and glass cooker hood features high extraction power, low noise levels, and easy installation. Improve your indoor air quality and enjoy a cleaner kitchen environment.

Main Features

High Extraction Power

The FAGOR Wall-Mounted Decorative Cooker Hood has a powerful extraction rate of up to 645 m3/h, ensuring that unpleasant odors, steam, and grease are effectively removed from your kitchen.

Low Noise Levels

With noise levels ranging from 50 dB(A) to 65 dB(A), this cooker hood operates quietly, allowing you to cook in peace without any disturbances.

Easy Installation

The wall-mounted design of the FAGOR Cooker Hood gives you complete freedom in your kitchen planning. It is easy to install and can be mounted on the wall, saving valuable space.

Improved Air Quality

By effectively reducing smoke, steam, fumes, and other unwanted byproducts of cooking, this cooker hood helps improve the air quality in your kitchen. Breathe in cleaner air and create a healthier cooking environment.

Eco-Friendly LED Lighting

The FAGOR Cooker Hood features low-consumption Eco LED lighting, providing bright and energy-efficient illumination for your cooking area. Save energy while enjoying a well-lit kitchen.

Easy to Clean

The armoured interior finish of this cooker hood makes it easy to clean. Simply wipe away any grease or dirt, and maintain a pristine and hygienic kitchen environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this cooker hood be vented outside?

Yes, the FAGOR Wall-Mounted Decorative Cooker Hood can be vented outside to effectively remove cooking odors and pollutants from your kitchen.

2. Is the metallic grease filter dishwasher safe?

Yes, the metallic grease filter of this cooker hood is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and maintain.

3. What is the warranty period for this product?

The FAGOR Wall-Mounted Decorative Cooker Hood comes with a 1-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

Improve your cooking experience with the FAGOR Wall-Mounted Decorative Cooker Hood. Enjoy cleaner air, reduced odors, and a stylish addition to your kitchen. With easy installation and a 1-year warranty, this cooker hood is a must-have for any modern kitchen.