N NOROCME Cord Management Organizer Kit – The Ultimate Cable Solution

N NOROCME Cord Management Organizer Kit – The Ultimate Cable Solution


Cable clutter can make areas of the home or office unsafe. Protect your loved ones at home or colleagues at work by reducing the potential for electrical hazards with this complete kit. Say goodbye to tangled cables and hello to a neat and organized space.

Main Features

Color: Black & Transparent

  • 4 x Cable Sleeve split
  • 25 x Self Black Adhesive Cable Clip Holder (3 different styles)
  • 10 x Reusable Hook Loop Cable Ties
  • 2 x Roll Hook Loop Cable Straps
  • 100 x Fastening Cable Ties
  • 2 x One Slot Cable Holders
  • 2 x Three Slot Cable Holders
  • 2 x Five Slot Cable Holders
  • 4 x Two Slot Cable Holders
  • 1 x Seven Slot Cable Holders

Safety and Durability

Made of highly durable and quality materials, the components included in this kit are built to last, ensuring clutter-free organization of your cords and cables for years to come. The included cable holders boast strong self-adhesive sticky pads, ensuring they remain affixed to your desired surface at all times. Keep your cables secure and your space hazard-free.

Easy to Use

Our wire loom is split and easy to load wires. Once loaded, our braided cable sleeve will close on itself and provide a perfect wire wrap. No drilling, nailing, or taping required. This cord protector also keeps cats from chewing cables, providing an added layer of safety for your furry friends.

Flexibility & Versatility

With 10pcs and 2 Roll Self Adhesive Ties, each wire tie is 6 inches in length and 0.5 inches in width. They include an eye hole in the tail, allowing the tie to be attached to a cable or hung from a hook. Multiple wire organizers can be attached together to form one longer tie, giving you the flexibility to organize cables of any length.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use this cord management kit on any surface?

Yes, the adhesive cable clips included in the kit work on all clean surfaces like desks, walls, baseboards, cabinets, wood, ceramics, and more.

2. How many cable holders are included in the kit?

The kit includes a variety of cable holders, including one slot, three slot, five slot, and seven slot cable holders. You’ll have plenty of options to keep your cables organized.

3. Are the cable clips and cable ties reusable?

Yes, both the cable clips and cable ties are reusable. You can easily remove and reposition them as needed without damaging the surface or the cables.

Get the N NOROCME Cord Management Organizer Kit today and say goodbye to cable clutter. Keep your space organized, safe, and free from hazards. Order now and enjoy a clutter-free environment!