NICECNC Motorcycle Handlebar Bag – Premium PU Leather Tool Roll Bag

NICECNC Motorcycle Handlebar Bag – Premium PU Leather Tool Roll Bag


Introducing the NICECNC Motorcycle Handlebar Bag, a premium PU leather tool roll bag designed for motorcycle enthusiasts. This bag is perfect for storing your essential tools while on the road. With its waterproof design and easy installation, it offers convenience and protection for your valuable tools.

Premium Fabric

The NICECNC Motorcycle Handlebar Bag features a classic Cowhide Lines Leather style, made of high-quality PU poly urethane leather. This material has better physical properties, making it resistant to torsion and providing better softness. It can easily withstand light rain, although it is recommended to use the provided protecting bag for the best performance in preventing water damage.

Widely Used

The NICECNC Motorcycle Handlebar Bag is equipped with upgraded length 13.8 inch self-adjusting leather straps that can be adapted to various sizes of motorcycle forks or vertical bars. Whether it’s your motorcycle handlebar, front fork, or sissy bar, this bag is versatile and can be easily attached to any of these parts.

More Protection

This Motorcycle Tool Storage Bag comes with a protecting cover and two leather straps with silicone non-slip points. These straps ensure stability during long rides, while the protecting cover provides additional protection against heavy rain and UV rays. Your tools will be safe and secure in this bag.

Water Resistant Design

Our Motorcycle Leather Saddle bag is designed with two side flaps that help keep rain and dust out. These flaps also prevent the items from falling out while you’re on the road. However, please be sure to take the bag off if you wash your motorcycle to avoid any potential damage.

Easy to Install

Installing the NICECNC Motorcycle Handlebar Bag is a breeze. It only takes a few minutes to attach the bag to your motorcycle using the two leather straps. The quick release buckle allows for fast access to your tools whenever you need them. As a bonus, we also provide two alternative self-adjusting nylon straps as a gift for backup.

Tips In Use

In order to prevent the metal objects of the bag from rusting, it is recommended to put on a waterproof cover on rainy days. Additionally, make sure to dry any moisture on the bag in a timely manner to maintain its longevity.