Numark DJ Equipment Bundle – DJ Controller with 2 Decks, DJ Mixer and Audio Interface Mixtrack Pro FX, Headphones HF175 and Active Speakers N-Wave 360

Numark DJ Equipment Bundle


Welcome to the world of DJing with the Numark DJ Equipment Bundle. This complete Serato DJ system is designed for beginners who want to dive into the exciting world of DJing. With a DJ controller, mixer, audio interface, headphones, and active speakers, this bundle has everything you need to start creating amazing mixes.

Main Features

DJ Controller with 2 Decks

The Numark DJ Equipment Bundle includes a DJ controller with 2 decks of control. This allows you to mix and manipulate your music with ease. The built-in 24-bit audio interface ensures high-quality sound, and the plug and play USB connectivity makes it compatible with both Mac and PC.

Touch and Feel Your DJ Mix

Experience the thrill of DJing with the large 6-inch capacitive-touch jog wheels. These wheels emulate an authentic turntable feel, making it perfect for scratching, beatmatching, and precise cue placement. Get hands-on control over your music and take your DJ skills to the next level.

Power to Your Performance

The compact, full-range powered desktop DJ monitors included in this bundle deliver a full frequency response and 60W power. This means you can enjoy room-filling, high-fidelity sound while you mix. The custom wooden cabinets with dense construction ensure a full and warm sound that will impress any audience.

Premium Build, Superior Sound

With a high-1-inch silk illuminated tweeter and a 3-inch low-frequency driver with precision crossover, the speakers in this bundle offer superior sound quality. The premium build ensures durability, while the precise crossover delivers a balanced and accurate sound reproduction. Get ready to hear your music like never before.

Hear Every Detail

The included headphones feature high-quality 40mm Neodymium magnet drivers that deliver crystal clear and powerful sound. Whether you’re DJing or simply enjoying your favorite tracks, these headphones will provide an immersive listening experience. The soft padded ear cushions help block out ambient noise, allowing you to focus on the music.

Immersive Sound

Not only are the headphones great for DJing, but they are also perfect for various other activities. Whether you’re listening to music, watching movies, attending online lessons, or participating in online meetings, these headphones will provide immersive sound that enhances your overall experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this bundle suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Numark DJ Equipment Bundle is specifically designed for beginners who want to start DJing. It includes all the necessary equipment and is easy to set up and use.

2. Can I use this bundle with my Mac or PC?

Absolutely! The DJ controller in this bundle has plug and play USB connectivity, making it compatible with both Mac and PC.

3. Are the speakers included in this bundle powerful enough for small venues?

Yes, the compact, full-range powered desktop DJ monitors deliver 60W power, which is more than enough for small venues. They provide room-filling, high-fidelity sound that will impress your audience.

4. Can I use the headphones for activities other than DJing?

Definitely! The headphones included in this bundle are versatile and can be used for listening to music, watching movies, attending online lessons, participating in online meetings, and more. They provide a comfortable and immersive sound experience.

5. Is the sound quality of the speakers and headphones in this bundle high-quality?

Absolutely! The speakers and headphones in this bundle are designed to deliver crystal clear and powerful sound. The high-quality drivers and precise construction ensure an exceptional audio experience.

Experience the power and precision of the Numark DJ Equipment Bundle. Start your DJing journey today and create amazing mixes with this complete Serato DJ system.