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About this item

Capsule Chix – the only fashion dolls collection range whose unique construction system allows genuine, endless adjustments from head to toe, for over 4 billion styles, incredible!

Product Details

Discover the world of Capsule Chix fashion dolls. With their unique construction system, you can create over 4 billion different styles. From head to toe, these dolls offer endless possibilities for customization. Mix and match different parts to create your own unique fashion statement.


  • Endless style options
  • High-quality construction
  • Easy customization
  • Fun and fashionable

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the doll’s hairstyle?

Yes, you can easily change the doll’s hairstyle by swapping out different hair pieces. Mix and match to create your desired look.

Are the dolls suitable for children of all ages?

The dolls are recommended for children aged 5 and above due to small parts. Adult supervision is advised.

Can I purchase additional accessories for the dolls?

Yes, we offer a wide range of accessories that you can purchase separately to further customize your Capsule Chix fashion dolls.


Experience the world of TRESOR X AUTOPSIE REINE ALIENS with the incredible Capsule Chix fashion dolls. With over 4 billion style options, these dolls offer endless fun and creativity. Explore our store and find the perfect fashion doll for you.