Tendelux Underwater Fishing Light – Product Description

Tendelux Underwater Fishing Light

Illuminate your fishing experience with the Tendelux Underwater Fishing Light. This 12V super bright green LED submersible light attractant is designed for docks, boats, or kayaks, and is IP68 rated for both fresh and saltwater use.


Super Bright Green LED

The Tendelux Underwater Fishing Light features a powerful green LED that emits a vibrant glow underwater. This attracts fish and enhances your chances of a successful catch.

Submersible Design

With its IP68 rating, this fishing light is fully submersible up to 30 feet. It can withstand the pressures of deep water and continue to provide reliable illumination.

Easy Installation

The light comes with a 30ft cable, allowing you to easily connect it to a 12V power source on your dock, boat, or kayak. The simple installation process ensures you can start fishing in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the light be used in both fresh and saltwater?

Yes, the Tendelux Underwater Fishing Light is IP68 rated, making it suitable for use in both fresh and saltwater environments.

How deep can the light be submerged?

The light can be submerged up to 30 feet, thanks to its durable and waterproof design.

Does the light attract all types of fish?

The green LED light is known to attract a wide range of fish species, making it an effective tool for fishing enthusiasts.


Enhance your fishing experience with the Tendelux Underwater Fishing Light. Its super bright green LED, submersible design, and easy installation make it a must-have for any angler. Whether you’re fishing from a dock, boat, or kayak, this light will attract fish and increase your chances of a successful catch. Don’t miss out on this essential fishing accessory.