About the NeoAir XTherm NXT MAX

The NeoAir XTherm NXT MAX is the ultimate sleeping pad designed for alpinists, mountaineers, and those embarking on extreme cold expeditions. Its rectangular shape and ultralight construction make it the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts seeking comfort and warmth in harsh conditions.

Main Features

Triangular Core Matrix Construction

The NeoAir XTherm NXT MAX utilizes Therm-a-Rest’s innovative Triangular Core Matrix construction technique. This industry-leading air pad construction technique ensures the best warmth-to-weight ratio currently achievable. With a 7.3 R-value, this sleeping pad provides exceptional insulation without adding unnecessary weight.

Comfort and Support

At 3 inches thick and featuring horizontal baffles, the XTherm NXT MAX offers all-night comfort and support. Whether you’re sleeping on rocky terrain or icy surfaces, this sleeping pad will keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Durable Design

The XTherm NXT MAX is built to withstand the rigors of extended expedition use. The bottom of the sleeping pad is made from 70D ripstop nylon, ensuring durability and tear-resistance even in the harshest conditions.


  • Weight (Regular Width): 652 g
  • Thickness: 7.5 cm (3 inches)
  • Dimensions (Regular Width): 64 x 183 cm
  • Weight (Large): 680 g
  • Dimensions (Large): 64 x 196 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the NeoAir XTherm NXT MAX suitable for extreme cold conditions?

Yes, the NeoAir XTherm NXT MAX is specifically designed for extreme cold expeditions. With its high R-value and excellent insulation properties, it will keep you warm even in freezing temperatures.

Is the XTherm NXT MAX easy to inflate and deflate?

Absolutely! The XTherm NXT MAX features the WingLock(TM) valve, which makes inflation and deflation a breeze. The valve allows air to flow in just one direction, making it quick and easy to set up and pack away.

What is the pack size of the XTherm NXT MAX?

The XTherm NXT MAX has a particularly small pack size, comparable to the volume of a 1-liter bottle. This makes it easy to carry and store, without taking up too much space in your backpack.


The Thermarest NeoAir XTherm NXT MAX is the ultimate sleeping pad for alpinists, mountaineers, and anyone venturing into extreme cold conditions. With its lightweight design, exceptional insulation, and durable construction, it offers unbeatable comfort and warmth. Don’t let the cold stop you from exploring the great outdoors – choose the NeoAir XTherm NXT MAX and experience the difference.